Clymping Beach

Environment Agency (EA) Information to Residents

EA – beach update March 2021: EA beach update March 2021
To find information on installing your own flood protection measures: the blue pages organisation are an independent source of property flood protection suppliers. The National Flood Forum  are a charity who help support and represent people at risk of flooding.  You are encouraged to sign up to our Environment Agency flood warning services which will keep you up to date on when we are expecting to see impacts from flooding. You can sign up here;

Clymping Beach – Meetings with the Environment Agency and Landowners

We thought you might be interested to see the notes from the last meeting with the Environment Agency and Landowners:  Notes of a meeting with the EA held on 12 Feb 2020, including the EA responses to questions raised

Why not find out about your nearest Flood Action Group?  

Go to the website for the: Littlehampton Flood Action Group