The parish council is composed of the following seven members (there are no wards): 


Ann Findlay 5 Cropthorne Drive,
Clymping BN17 5GG
01903 732574
Colin Humphris
16 Cropthorne Drive,
Clymping BN17 5GG
01903 733848
 Christine Gillott 35 May Close
Clymping BN17 5TF
07931 125854
 Henry Burrell Atherington Farm, Clymping Street BN17 5RN 01903 718755
 David Miranda 20 The Hamlet, Waterford Gardens,
Clymping BN17 5RY
07768 981923

Members Declarations of Interest

The latest declarations of interest of the individual parish councillors can be viewed on the Arun District Council website: Link to Arun District Council register of members interests



Certain members are appointed to specific functions or activities at the May AGM each year.  Currently they are as follows:


Resilience and Emergency Plan Working Group All Members plus H Burrell.
Transport Working Group Cllrs Humphris and Vacancy plus H Burrell,
A Lovell and H Neathercoat
Environmental Working Group Cllrs Gillott and Humphris plus L Findlay and W  Robinson 
Planning Working Group of the Parish Council  All Members
Winter Management Plan Co-Ordinators  Co-ordinator: Chairman, Deputy: Vice-Chairman


JWAAC – Joint Western Arun Area Committee (including Highways and Transport Sub-Group) Chairman 
Village Hall Cllr Gillott
Police Liaison Vacancy
Ford CTP/Incinerator Liaison Group Chairman
Allotments Vacancy
Flood Liaison  Cllr Findlay
WSALC – West Sussex Association of Local Councils Chairman and Vice-Chairman
ADALC – Arun District Association of Local Councils Chairman and Vice-Chairman
Joint Resilience Group (Clymping, Yapton, Ford and Walberton) Cllrs Findlay and Vacancy
Ford, Yapton and Clymping Advisory Group (Planning)  Chairman